GLOBALDEX – local solutions to global problems!

The year 1989 was a beginning of tremendous changes – it was a time when old establishment collapsed and seedsof new ideas and bright initiatives were growing.
It was also a time when a group of specialists begun to gather experience, and in 2000 they started planning business venture. The idea was realized in 2005 when a company was established. That company aim was to destruct , dissemble, export, and help its clients with such services This, so called, destruction under control, was a beginning of GLOBALDEX company. Through the years which came, the company has been taking challenges, gathering experience, and was recognized as professional and trustworthy by its clients.

Reliability of services provided to clients was also recognized by business partners.

Thanks to their professional assessment we are happily receiving the title of RELIABLE COMPANY since 2005. In 2012 we have obtained the ISO certificates: ISO 9001, and 14001.

As a truly solid enterprise we have been attracting well-known customers and large contracts. Our standards are to work timely with the schedule, and to take care of all duties required in the service. This attitude make us being able to accomplish all project immediately.

We hire only business professionals; hence all jobs given to us are managed by the best ones in industry. Each inquiry goes through standardized procedure what helps us to eliminate risks and stresses.

In 2008 we have decided to reorganize the company in order to provide even better services. We have established a new, trade department which deals with redistribution of materials resourced from constructions dissembling.

We are pleased to invite you to see global offer of GLOBALDEX.

“He, who wants to rule people should not rush them before him but make them follow”