Ecologically = Economically

The first principle of recycling is to optimize re-use the same materials, with the least amount of raw materials and energy needed to process them. Reuse of materials is not only taking care of the environment by reducing the use of raw materials, or space for storage of waste - is also efficient management of raw materials and the actual savings funds.

On the Polish landfills are 2mld tons of industrial waste - you do not have to get there!

Each car can be ECO!

Most elements of the car has a value of recycling. Reprocessing wreck enables us to care for the environment - just look globally!


85.3% of the wreckage of the car are the materials to be recycled


In Globaldex way to EKO-management logic is simple. We have a fleet of vehicles adapted to the handling and transport of waste in containers, which are delivered in designated by the State. Receipt and processing of the collected materials is another step on the road to recovery or recycling. After receiving CONTAINERS issue you "card waste transfer" in accordance with the classification of waste codes. Your only decision should be entering our eco-road.


Processed glass, cardboard, plastic or metals are perfect "building blocks" of the bridge between the mountain of garbage, a green globe. Almost all waste collected in the course of construction or demolition are suitable for reuse. Globaldex comprehensively deals with the demolition and cleaning of the area - all materials can be recycled or recovered; hazardous waste transported to the dedicated configurations.

The company's offer Globaldex:

  • reclamation of industrial facilities
  • recycling of waste
  • remediation and reclamation of land
  • physicochemical tests - own laboratory